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James Holmes Update: Dark Knight Shooter Case Update: Batman Trial News – HOAX Update

By Geno McGahee

James Holmes is facing 166 counts, which include multiple first degree murder charges, and the public will sit in the dark as the case will play out without the media bringing it into every living room. The case has been made that the public being allowed to watch every twist and turn could take away from Holmes having a fair trial, but there is more to this. There are certain facts that have been overlooked and they will most likely be brought up during trial by the Defense. If you’re painting somebody as a crazy lone gunman, you can’t broadcast that there were others involved and that the story may be more than meets the eye.

The orange hair, the crazy eyes and the fixation with Batman made him an easy sell as a lone gunman killer. The problem was the eye witness reports where multiple people stated that there were more than one shooter and that tear gas was being thrown from different areas of the theater.

Much like the Oklahoma City bombing and the Pentagon strike on 9/11, pictures will speak louder than words, but no pictures will ever be released. The video of Oklahoma City has never been shown and the Pentagon strike video was a joke. When asked if there was video surveillance at the cinema in Colorado, it was ignored and it was ignored on multiple occasions. Most likely there was video, but if it doesn’t support the official story, you will not see it. There is a pattern here. They only show you what they want to show you.

Look at how the mother of Holmes was misrepresented. Before she knew anything about the shooting, she was contacted and asked if she was the mother of James and she noted that “you have the right one.” ABC used it out of context, stating that she knew something bad happened and wasn’t surprised that her son did it. “You had the right one,” was used as if she was saying that they had the right killer/shooter. If the official story is the truth then why is the story being molded to fit? Obviously, there are things here that don’t make a lot of sense.

The night he was arrested, he was discovered in the parking lot. He didn’t resist arrest and they found multiple gas masks. Eye witnesses report seeing a man getting a call and then approaching the emergency door that is believed to be the one that Holmes entered through. This could all be proven if they had video, which they most likely do. The fact that the question has been so avoided, I think that it’s safe to say that they do…it just doesn’t show what they want you to see. That’s the point here. If it supports the official story, you will see in endlessly. If it doesn’t, you won’t.

Just to make sure that he is the guy that will go down for this, a notebook showed up amazingly at the college he attended and wouldn’t you know it…it featured his plans to shoot people. That’s just amazing…almost as amazing at the passport from the alleged terrorist making it through the fireball on 9/11 to land on the street…or the fact that the same passport was found twice.

The problem is that even if James Holmes was involved, and I’m not saying that he wasn’t, the government will seize the opportunity to push an agenda. Never let any tragedy go to waste. We’ve seen that approach time and time again. When something happens that is tragic, no matter how rare an incident it is, we will see the demand for reform and more freedoms removed from the people and the majority of the people will sit in front of their idiot boxes and just nod along. If there are dead children, it’s usually an easy sale…whatever it is. 9/11 was a goldmine for enforcing nonsense.

For those of you that are curious to see what will happen in the James Holmes case, I will save you some time. He will be found guilty and quickly taken away to serve the rest of his life behind bars if he doesn’t get killed while in there. For such a smart kid, he is acting as if he’s been drugged, which is certainly a possibility, unless it’s a ploy to make him seem crazy.

No matter how you cut it, this entire situation from jump has been suspicious and little has been done to answer the questions that some have. Anger and ridicule has been the most common reaction from the media and public to those with questions. The brainwashed do not know that they are brainwashed and that is the majority of the public. Where do they get the idea to attack those that are asking questions? They are told to act that way by the pit bulls on TV. There used to be a time where a point was presented and it was disproven through evidence rather than attacking until the person backs off. The reaction says it all. There’s something to hide.

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