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Brock Lesnar SHOCKER, Triple H Return, Vince McMahon Deal & More – WWE NEWS

By Dani Mitchell

RAW was great last night, although it could have just been just one hour long because there were two matches that stole the show!

The first match of the night Paul Heyman was to face off against Vince McMahon. The two men got a few shots in on each other, when Brock Lesnar’s music hits. The beast made his way down to the ring to help out his buddy Heyman. Brock and The Chairman were face to face, and that’s about the time Lesnar realized he had been set up by Mr. McMahon. The King of Kings’ music started playing and there he was. His first time back in a ring since Summerslam, Triple H had returned. He made his way to the ring ready to claim revenge on the man that had broken his arm twice, and had sent him packing last summer.

This match quickly erupted. These two have a long heated history and it shows. Triple H smashed Brock Lesnar right into the steel post, busting him open. This was followed up with an F5 and then Lesnar broke out a chair. Triple H counters and grabs the chair, smacking Brock with it and sending him running.

Let me tell you. This match had intensity, rivalry, and blood. Things we have not seen in a long time. It was probably the closest WWE has come to the attitude era in a long time.

The other match that stole the show was the Main Event, CM Punk vs. John Cena. The Winner of the match would go on to face the Rock at Wrestlemania. Now, we all know that John Cena was going to be the one to win and go on to face The Rock, but a good match gives you the hope that things could go another way. This is exactly what these two superstars gave us. Anyone that knows me knows that I am not a John Cena fan, and I probably do not give him the credit even when he might earn a smidge of it; But let me tell you, last night he put on a hell of a match. I will give him that, but honestly I think that it is CM Punk. He seems to be able to bring out the best in his opponents.

The two battled for a good 40 minutes. We saw AA’s, countered. We saw Anaconda Vices, Countered. The five knuckle shuffle, the GTS. Near Pinfalls. I mean it went back and forth. Finally the end of the match after the two men seemed as though they had nothing left, Punk did something we haven’t seen in a long time. He hoisted up Cena and gave him a Piledriver. Yes! A Piledriver!

It was incredible, perfectly executed. But Cena managed to pull off a hurricanrana and managed to get the 3 count on Punk. The two men both equally matched. It was amazing not to see John Cena portrayed as a superhero for a minute but as a wrestler facing someone that could actually match him in strength. I was very impressed with Punk. He put on a clinic. He was so dominating, not seeming weak or tired; he fought with every ounce of his body. I saw him do things that were really impressive and made me realize that Punk could go on to face someone with superb ability… Someone that has legend status. After watching that match last night it made me and others realize that Punk would definitely be capable of fighting someone such as The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, had have a great match that would have people on their feet.

I was really impressed with these 2 events last night. The rest of Raw might as well have been squash matches and filler…. Oh wait, it was. We had Team Hell No, Bryan with a blindfold and Kane with one arm tied behind his back, secure the win over the Primetime Players. Randy Orton squashed Cesaro in a matter of minutes. Can someone tell me why Cesaro is still holding a belt and why Orton is not in any match of importance? Later in the evening Orton hit an RKO out of nowhere on Rollins during a segment with the Shield. He then ran into the audience and the crowd went nuts! Hey WWE! Were you watching that last night? Do something with Orton while he is hot. Swagger had a squash match against The Miz, and I mean really, I expected him to go on suspension already so I don’t know what the deal is with that.
The biggest disappointment of the night goes to Dolph Ziggler. It wasn’t his fault. Horrible storyline planning and match for Ziggy. It was Ryback vs. Ziggler. They had Ryback throw him around like a ragdoll. It was hard to watch someone with such talent being used as a jobber to feed Ryback. Let’s hope Ziggler lands on his feet next week and we get to see him showoff in a real match.

Well after the remarkable matches I talked about in the beginning of the article, I am excited to see what the Road to Wrestlemania brings us! If there are more matches like that ahead, I will be glued to my TV and computer. Until next time… Keep watching and waiting for the return of the Dead Man.

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