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Undertaker, CM Punk, Brock Lesnar, Triple H: WRESTLEMANIA BREAKING NEWS – WWE News & RAW REPORT

By Dani Mitchell

RAW is in full swing. With WrestleMania approaching storylines and rivalries are starting to develop in depth. The biggest part of the night revolved around honoring Paul Bearer who passed away last week. The loss of Paul Bearer resulted in a legit back story for Punk vs. Undertaker.

WWE kicked off Raw with a tribute to the Man behind the Undertaker for many years. As we remember Paul Bearer, the Undertaker’s music hit and he came out to pay his respects. Just as he was kneeling down in front of the famous urn that Bearer carried around with him, Punk’s music hit. In true heel fashion he wrecked the tribute and made it about himself. This is where the heat for their match up at WrestleMania will come from.

The Dead Man was obviously bothered by Punk interrupting the tribute, but Kane was the one that acted upon his anger. He came out to give Punk a choke slam but Punk narrowly escapes backstage. Kane visibly upset went after him and began his search. Meanwhile Punk went to Vickie for help, but she was bothered by Punk’s action and scheduled a match for Punk against Kane later in the night.

Kane and CM Punk’s Match was really solid. Punk was in control a lot of the match, but this is probably one of the better matches Kane has had recently. Kane looked as though he was in trouble when Punk was going to hit the GTS, but the Undertaker’s music hit long enough to distract the former champion. Kane hit him with a choke slam and got the pin. Punk was not done yet though. He grabbed the urn and attacked Kane with it, then mocked the Undertaker at the top of the ramp by kneeling with the urn.

I want to know if Punk is still in possession of the urn and if it will come back into play. As Raw went off the air Punk ran off with the urn. Maybe Punk could find the power the urn once possessed and use it against the Undertaker. Now that would be old school RAW.

Another big story was the match of New Age Outlaws vs. Rhodes Scholars; two big developments would come from this part of the evening. Not too far into the match, Brock Lesnar’s music began as he and Paul Heyman came out to interrupt the match. Lesnar destroys The Outlaws, leaving them lying in the ring while he makes his announcement. He accepts Triple H’s challenge for WrestleMania under one condition. He and Heyman will get to determine the stipulation. The second development happened backstage as Cody was flirting with Diva’s champ Kaitlyn. Sandow, who obviously doesn’t approve of Kait, introduces Cody to their dates for the night….. Return of the Bella Twins.

The Shield’s Rollins had a match up against Big Show. What a waste of time. The match barely had begun when there was interference from Reigns and Ambrose. Although Big Show did his best to fight all three, he was speared and then the three lifted him up for a triple power bomb.

Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan faced off in a hard hitting match. Daniel Bryan is such a smooth wrestler. He really can transition to fight anyone and make it look effortless. Ziggler was able to secure the pin with interference from Ziggler’s crew. This was a big win for Ziggler seeing as he has lost the last few weeks. It was good to see him in a classic matchup.

Speaking of losses… Dolph Ziggler hasn’t been the only big time guy not getting the W’s. Antonio Cesaro has been undeserving of his losing streak.

Last night he went head to head with Del Rio, and was put in the arm breaker and tapped out. He has passed the 200 day mark as US champion but has had no big wins to show for it lately.

Chris Jericho had his show the Highlight Real last night. Even though Jericho normally has stellar segments, WWE didn’t give him much chance to do his thing with this one. They gave most of the speaking time to Barrett and Miz who basically argued over who was the most relevant star. Barrett began to threaten Jericho, in which Jericho threaten to become Intercontinental Champion for a tenth time. This led to a match between Miz and Jericho; winner would get a shot at Barrett’s title. The match didn’t last long before Barrett got involved. With no clear winner of the match, next Monday the three will face off in a triple threat match for the title.

With WrestleMania on its way, it was surprising that The Rock and Cena were both absent from Raw. This is a mistake on WWE’s part. CM Punk and Undertaker’s match is really picking up momentum and the rematch of Rock and Cena is kind of just simmering. It would be smart of WWE to get the two superstars out there in the ring, and get their feud heating up. None of this nice stuff we have seen between the two of them is really all that interesting. Rock needs to bring the same heat to Cena that he did when he was about to face CM Punk at the Rumble. That kind of feud is what the Rock does best, that is what WWE needs to put out there to make this rematch the success they are hoping for.

All in all, the WWE did a fantastic job at paying tribute and respect to the late great Paul Bearer. He would have been happy with how things played out and with the feud building between the Dead Man and The Second City Saint. The big question is will Punk beat the streak or will Undertaker win and chalk the win up to Paul Bearer.

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