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Grandmother MURDER TRIAL VERDICT: Sandra Layne Shooting Case News

By Geno McGahee

Sandra Layne, 75, is hoping for sympathy from the jury that may just lock her up for the rest of her days for the death of her grandson, Jonathan Hoffman, 17. This case has shocked the nation and the feelings are mixed as to what should happen to the old woman that hopes to spend her golden years outside of a cell.

Layne contends that she killed Hoffman in self-defense, noting that the teenager struck her during an argument, had drug issues and often brought strange people to the home. She didn’t feel safe and felt she had no other choice…at least that is the defense’s contention.

The prosecution paints a different picture and is demanding that she be held accountable for the death with a first degree murder charge. The fact that Layne shot him multiple times, including while he was on the phone with the 911 dispatcher is rather damning evidence that she went too far with the attack.

The accused is relying heavily on sympathy and presents a “poor old woman” picture to the jury. She is crying throughout and the natural inclination is to feel sorry for her. The victim is on trial here it seems and if the jury can picture a violent 17 year old beating up grandma, then she may get off. I’m not sold that is what we will see.

The verdict is around the corner. Stay tuned…

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