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Grandmother MURDER TRIAL UPDATE: GUILTY Verdict, First Degree Murder & More – Sandra Layne Update

By Geno McGahee

The 75-year-old grandmother, Sandra Layne, now awaits the call. The jury has come to a decision in the murder of her 17-year-old grandson, Jonathan Hoffman, and it is expected to be announced later today.

Layne claims that she shot him in self-defense after being struck and living in fear, claiming that Hoffman brought shady characters over and that there was a lot of drug abuse. She has played the remorseful old lady well in court, crying often and looking very peaceful, but it is a far cry from the gun-wielding granny that put multiple shots into her grandson.

The jury now decides her fate. She could go away for the rest of her life, which is the prediction from most onlookers. Stay tuned…

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