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John Cena Vs the Rock WRESTLEMANIA SPOILER: What Vince McMahon Don’t Want You to Know – WWE NEWS

By Masked Hernandez

Let me tell you something brother. I was riding my Harley up the west coast man, enjoying the Spring weather dude, and my phone went ring-a-ding. It was my brother in the mask and he had a lot to say about Wrestlemania and the Rock vs. John Cena match.

After a meeting with Vinnie Mac, it was decided that Cena will prevail via pin fall. The Rock will do his part man and take the loss to push Cena back into the title picture brother. The Rock’s deal is limited and you can’t put the strap on a guy like the Rock and have him run with it. That’s exactly what I told Vince in the 1980s when he skipped over the team of Masked Hernandez & SD Jones and gave the belts to the Wild Samoans. I haven’t forgiven you yet brother.

The Wrestlemania card is shaping up brother but look for Cena to win. It’s been decided and it’s the right decision dude!

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