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John Cena Vs The Rock BOMBS – Wrestlemania 29 Update – Triple H, Brock Lesnar, Undertaker, CM Punk & More – WWE News

By Dani Mitchell

With WrestleMania right around the corner, WWE finds itself in a predicament. They definitely have not left enough time or planned out enough of a build up for their Main Event of Rock vs. Cena, the rematch. The truth is the rematch between Lesnar and Triple H has got more momentum. For one the feud is still heated after their meeting at SummerSlam and two, Triple H and the crowd were surprised to find out the Ol’ Shawn Michaels will be in Triple H’s corner at Mania! I am not sure how exactly HBK’s role will play in the match but since it’s a No Holds Barred match; things could get very interesting for the monster, Brock Lesnar.

Anyways, back to Cena vs. Rock. With no build up, the WWE is trying to squeeze in a little heat between the 2 of them before the Show of Shows. It is not working. The fans are making that perfectly clear that no one is anticipating this match up. The crowd even started chanting “Boring” last night during John Cena’s promo. Most people are expecting Cena to win, but The Rock is booked for a few weeks after Mania so maybe he will hold on to that belt a little longer than people think.

The match that probably has the most hype and that should be the main event is Punk vs. Taker. Their rivalry has heated up quickly and with the passing of Paul Bearer, the rivalry is relevant. Last night on Raw, Undertaker was interrupted with the druids coming out, and then we see probably some of the greatest heel moment of all time. Paul Heyman comes out dressed as Paul Bearer, Oooooooh Yesssss. Taker furious with this, ran down the ramp after Paul Heyman but Punk was one of the druids and he beats down Taker with the Urn. Just when you think this was the greatest Heel action you have ever seen, Punk opens the Urn, and dumps the ashes on Taker and rubs them all over himself. Heelicious. I was drooling a little bit. What? I can’t get a rise out of good old fashion heels??

Apparently, not everyone agrees with me though. These actions had a ton of people fired up. It was also said that Paul Bearer’s sons were not thrilled over the storyline. On his son, Michael Moody’s Facebook he was quoted as saying, “If anyone is wondering, yes WWE did come to us wanting approval for tonight’s storyline. The way it was presented to us was ok. Seeing it on screen was a different story. I don’t even know what to say.” Then his brother, Daniel also commented saying, “Totally different.”

So to each their own. To some people this is what the Attitude Era was made of…. Remember when they did things like, oh say, hanging Big Boss Man from a Noose? People want the attitude era back, but then complain when awesome heel-like things happen.

You can’t have your cake and eat it too people. But with that being said, you can cut me a giant piece of Heel Cake. On to Mania!

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