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Xbox 720 & 360 VIDEO GAME NEWS – Update & More

A study by a money saving website in the UK has revealed that Xbox 360 owners are the best in the bedroom.

Proportionally Xbox 360 owners accounted for the highest percentage of partners rated as ‘good’, ‘very good’ and ‘excellent’.

The survey, by  www.VoucherCodesPro.co.uk , polled 1,747 gamers’ partners from around the UK as part of research into external influences on relationships.

After establishing  that their partner played videogames in their leisure time, the study asked respondents ‘Which games console does your partner play on most frequently?’ and asked them to choose from a list of options. The most common answer was the Xbox 360 with 31% of the vote. The Playstation 3 was next at 26%. Whilst 12% played on the Wii, be that the Wii U or the original model. 10% of respondents’ partners were PC gamers.

The survey then asked ‘How would you rate your partner in the bedroom?’ and gave them a list of options to choose from, which resulted in the following:

Excellent – 11%
Very good – 14%
Good – 27%
Average – 26%
Below average – 20%

The results showed that nearly half of gamers were voted as being only ‘average’ or below. When broken down proportionally between the most frequently played consoles, it emerged that Xbox 360 owners were the best in the bedroom, with 54% of them being described as ‘good’ or above. 22% were regarded as ‘excellent’ by their partner. Players of the Wii also put in a strong showing as 47% of the total were described as being ‘good’ or above.

In contrast, the smallest percentage of gamers scoring an above average mark in the sex stakes were PC gamers, with only 3% being described as ‘excellent’ and 8% regarded as ‘very good’.

As part of the study, respondents were also questioned about the frequency of gaming compared to bedroom activity and asked for their opinion about the ratio. 52% felt that the balance between the two was ‘just right’, whereas 21% confessed to wanting ‘more sex, less gaming’. However 11% actually claimed to want ‘less sex, more gaming’ from their partner.

George Charles of  www.VoucherCodesPro.co.uk made the following comment:

“So, according to our survey, it seems that if you own an Xbox 360, you can give yourself a pat on the back for bedroom performance. Well, one in five of you can at least. For other gamers it definitely seems there’s room for improvement. And despite it being an undeniably good game, perhaps Bioshock Infinite doesn’t act as a natural performance enhancer!”

He continued:

“Of course, bedroom performance is open to interpretation so we can’t read too much into it. PC gamers shouldn’t be too disheartened by our results. If you’re seriously into your gaming then the poor assessment could just be a cry for attention from your partner. But then again if you’re in the ‘less sex, more gaming’ scenario and still not highly rated, then it could be time to just marry the PC.”

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