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By Vinnie Franklin

Yo, check this out. Manny Pacquiao is looking to fight outside of the United States and now it looks like he is going to be facing Juan Manuel Marquez again! Play is again Sam. YA HEARD! Now, y’all know what happened to Manny last time. He was splattered all over the canvas as all of those keyboard warriors defended him. I can’t stand these groupie journalists that can’t get their mouth off his jock! Now the Slobfather has one other potential foe in Brandon Rios, a guy that can’t help but to get hit with every punch. Maybe Manny can beat him…maybe!

I hope that they can pry Manny away from the poker tables long enough to train! YA HEARD! Oh, don’t worry, he’s a good Christian…he was at church…just make sure to tell his wife that! Forget the smell of cheap booze and stripper sweat that he reeks of. Keep it in your pants Manny.

Now, y’all wonder where Thong, owner of MannyLand, has been, huh? Well, I’ve got him right here for your reading pleasure:


“What up sluts and bitches and hillbilly mother f**kers? Brandon Rios? That guy can’t fight. He just runs into punches. Manny take him on. You’ll beat him and then cha-ching, let that cash register ring! My site will pick up in traffic again and I’ll be able to charge some of these ‘writers’ again. Oh, you wanna play, you gotta pay! LMAO. There’s this one dimwit that pays me and I run EVERYTHING else for free. It’s hilarious! I remember laughing about it! But there is one born every minute you know! I like stupid people anyway. Let me tell you a story. This hillbilly asks me to be his friend and I’m like ‘sure, but you have to pay me’ and he says ‘sure’ and then I ask him a question and his words are muffled. He has Freddie Roach’s sack in his mouth! What’s that about? By the way Freddie, nice style there…Walmart is probably very proud. Ha ha ha….hilarious. Anyway, I have to check my PayPal and see if dummy stupid sent me another payment. If not, he can take his Pacquiao peepee sucking piece and shove it up his oversized butt!”

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