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UFO News: Sirius Documentary EXPOSED – ALIEN BODY DEBUNKED – UFO News

By Clive Vanes

I really wanted to believe in this. Steven Greer, a UFO researcher has made a documentary called “SIRIUS” that boasts the discovery of an alien body, but it has fallen apart after a DNA test. The “alien body” was only six inches long, and after tests came through, it proved to be DNA from a human that was 6 to 8 years old when they died, according to the Stanford School of Medicine. What does this mean?

I never took this story seriously, but the question has to be asked: How could this six inch skeleton represent a child’s body that died? It was noted that the body belonged to somebody that “died a few decades ago,” and we should have more answers very soon.

The point of this “alien body” was to bring attention to this documentary and the cause of Steven Greer, but has it hurt his cause? There were some that took this body very seriously but those that I have spoken to in the field never did. SIRIUS looks like it was done well but we can now get beyond the overly sensational side of it.

Curiosity will still surround this small alien-looking body. It wasn’t extraterrestrial but it certainly wasn’t right. I’ll be interested to see the further developments on it.

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