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Brock Lesnar WWE DEAL: UFC Champ’s Triple H EXTREME RULES Challenge Update – WWE News

By Masked Hernandez

Let me tell you something brother. Brock Lesnar, the man that wore the WWE and UFC strap is heading into a PPV that he knows too well. He’s going Extreme Rules man and he’ll be in a cage with Triple H and they are 1-1 going into this rubber match. These two have fought in the blood and the mud and anything will go inside of that squared circle come fight night.

Lesnar is set to win this one after he signs on the dotted line with Vinnie Mac man. The fans want more Lesnar and he makes dollars for the business, so it makes sense. Triple H got the win at WM 29 and now he will get the F-5 and drop the match to a man that may own this company again after his big run in the MMA cage.

Stay tuned brother.

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