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Floyd Mayweather JR Vs Amir Khan DONE DEAL – September Showdown Coming – BOXING NEWS

By Vinnie Franklin

Yo, check this out assclowns. Floyd Mayweather, JR., coming off his great performance where he put that religious idiot, Robert Guerrero on blast, is ready to get a taste of the UK with Amir Khan. Hey pal, if there was a ‘Jesus’ and he was looking out for you, why did you lose? Why did you lose Ghost? I was there ringside and when I heard Guerrero ramble about Jesus, I actually puked all over that fat guy from ESPN who was sitting in front of me, eating cupcakes. Really? Really? YA HEARD!

Now, Amir Khan WAS a name in boxing, but he’s no challenge to Floyd, but they are going to put it together anyway. Khan has been exposed as a glass-jawed mediocrity, but he has a following and is a safer fight than Canelo Alvarez would be.

So, get ready fight fans. Mayweather JR vs. Khan is next.

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