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Powerball SCAM: 84 Year Old Florida Woman “Wins” Lottery – Claims Reward…I Claim HOAX!

By Georgie “Justin” Bieber

Oh, don’t you love to see these old bags of bones win money and then drop dead and the money goes back to the state? Don’t that seem like a good deal to you? Don’t it? Oh, hell yes, I’m being sarcastic, YOU FOOL! Gloria Mackenzie, 84, of Florida took the lump sum of 370 million dollars. Really? Really? What is she going to spend it on? Matlock the complete series? Lifetime supply of bingo dabbers? This is ridiculous! YA HEARD!

My dad and I went to the corner store and bought six hundred dollars of Powerball tickets and we won NOTHING! I had to steal money from stupid people to replace it. That pisses me right off! I remember when the number came out and I didn’t get one freaking number on any of my tickets. I threw my stupid dog “Jonas” across the room and kicked my drunk dad in the nuts. I want that money! The state doesn’t give me enough! I’m on disability and I barely get enough to get by and my dad’s on disability too and neither does he! WTF?!

84-years-old and wins the lottery. Talk about puke in my pants city. Every freaking time that somebody wins the lottery, they are fossils. You need Indiana Jones to find these relics. YA HEARD! Hey Indy, bring that whip and your father to my apartment! Ja-ja…he-he.

Now, I’m so angry, but I still have the energy to write a poem, which will be featured in my book: Poetry, Stoner Boners, Justin Bieber & Me…

By Georgie “Justin” Bieber

I stood in line for over an hour.
To buy a Powerball ticket and flower.
Flower for my love, Antonio Martin.
Ticket for wealth, a new life to be startin…
With Antonio Martin.

The winner was a zombie out of the Florida state.
The contest is rigged and now I am full of hate.
My daddy and me should have won hands down.
Now I can’t buy Antonio Martin a ruffled gown.

Bieber, oh Justin Bieber, send me some money.
Whatever you need done, I will do it honey.
But you don’t return my Twitter private notes.
Sometimes you can be a prick.

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