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Nelson Mandela DEAD: DEATH of Apartheid Leader SHOCKS WORLD – Breaking News

By Vinnie Franklin

Yo, check this out. I just found out that somebody put my friend, the LEGENDARY Nelson Mandela, on blast and said that he died. Really? Really? Nice try fellas. He is alive and well and he had the following to say when I called him: “Vinman, I’m about ready to slap around these assclown noodle dick twats that put me on blast. Please release the dogs on them! I may be a nice guy, but I want REVENGE!!!!!!! Go Get Them Vinman!” I got this one Nelson. YA HEARD!

Now, these articles may seem harmless but imagine if Mandela’s family saw those headlines? They’d be devastated! I’m righting his wrong. YA HEARD! These assclown, keyboard warrior, blowhard twats aren’t going to upset my friend. He is alive and well!

Note: Comments may not be those of Nelson Mandela.

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