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Mikey Garcia KNOCKS OUT Juan Manuel Lopez: Juanma Stopped – HBO BOXING NEWS

By Geno McGahee

Mikey Garcia, 32-0, 27 KO’s, had no problems dismantling and knocking Juan Manuel Lopez, 33-3, 30 KO’s, out in round four with a vicious left hook. Garcia’s weight was the story of the night, coming in two pounds over the limit and refusing to try to lose the weight. He would have to pay Lopez $150,000 to stay in the fight.

Lopez just didn’t have anything to concern Garcia. He followed him around and just took shots, never really finding the mark at any time. Juanma’s lack of defense hurt him more in this fight than in any other. He had a lot of heart and wanted to win, but his chin and lack of defense made this fight unwinnable.

A right hand landed behind the ear of Juanma that buckled his knees, followed by a left hook that laid him out. He got up on wobbly legs and the referee stopped the fight. It was a very good win for Garcia and the end of the road Lopez.

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