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Undertaker – Brock Lesnar WRESTLEMANIA News – WWE SHOCKER – Title Run, Streak Coming to an End – WWE News

By Masked Hernandez

Let me tell you something brother. The Dead Man is ready for one more go as the champion before he hangs them up. The undefeated streak will be on the line at the next WM when he faces the “Next Big Thing,” Brock Lesnar, but before that, the plan is to give him the strap and let him bring it old school to the fans one last time.

I remember my time in World Class Championship Wrestling dude. I met the Dead Man back in the day and I knew he was a star. They wanted me to blade him and that was the day I quit WCCW. I am not blading anyone brother. This was why I never joined ECW man. That’s not wrestling.

Now, the Taker will most likely have the title going into WM and lose it to Lesnar. As of now, that is the WWE plan man. Stay tuned for more details…

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