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Sex Offender MURDERS 8-YEAR OLD GIRL in Florida: Donald James Smith Arrested Again

By Geno McGahee

There has been a strong argument that there is no reform for a child abuser and Donald James Smith, 56, is living proof of that. Smith was released from jail recently and has now been charged with the abduction and murder of an 8-year-old Florida girl. Smith has been a registered sex offender since 1993 for attempted kidnapping and selling obscene materials. He has been arrested several times and much of it has dealt with children, including making obscene phone calls to a 10-year-old girl. This guy should have never been allowed out. There are those that ask for all child molesters to be put to death and I would not be one to argue against that.

Smith was taken into custody after the police were able to corner his van. It would come out that Smith had befriended the young girl, Charish Perriwinkle, and offered to take her and her mother to Wal-Mart to buy them some clothing. The moment that Smith was able to get some time along with Charish, he brought her to his van and took off. Her mother called 911, prompting the Amber Alert, but it was too late. Her body was discovered shortly after.

Smith has not been cooperative with authorities and has not named any defense attorney at this time, but the facts are pretty clear. The world lost a child to a piece of human garbage. There is no punishment that can make up for the life of crime and abuse toward children that Donald James Smith has done, but it is safe to say that he won’t hurt any more children from now on. Sadly, had they kept him locked up and gave sex offenders more time in prison, this wouldn’t have happened.

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