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War on Whistleblowers (2013) – 9/11, Barack Obama, Government Conspiracy, Illegal Wiretapping and More – Robert Greenwald Documentary Movie Review

By Geno McGahee

After 9/11, the world changed. The perceived freedom of Americans was threatened and it gave the government and those that own it the ability to enforce many policies that took away the freedoms of its citizens. From the way the event was handled to the disgusting aftermath, 9/11 marks a sad point in history and twelve years later, things have gotten far worse. In the Robert Greenwald documentary “WAR ON WHISTLEBLOWERS,” we get a glimpse into the world of the true heroes that are willing to give up their lives to do the right thing.

Journalism has been largely criticized for its coverage of the government, the politicians and the policies that they pass into law. It’s easy to say that they are owned by the corporations and elite that call the shots, but after watching this film, it could be argued that fear also plays a role in their lack of true investigative journalism.

Franz Gayl, a lifelong Marine and Deputy Branch Head for the Space and Information Operations Integrations Branch came out to stop the unnecessary deaths of soldiers in Iraq. The Humvees that were there were easy targets and ill-equipped to deal with the bombs being used by the enemy. MRAPs were the vehicles that would have saved countless lives, but the insistence of Gayl to do the right thing and blow the whistle on this fact led to heartache and harassment from the government and those above him.

Thomas Drake, former Senior Executive of the National Security Agency, exposed the “Stellar Wing Program,” which is a warrantless surveillance program, allowing the government to read emails and listen to phone calls of American citizens without reason. Michael DeKort, Former Lockheed Martin Project Manager, came out and exposed the problem with the Deepwater Program, which would have led to the deaths of many of the U.S. Coast Guard and Thomas Tamm, former attorney of the U.S. Department of Justice came out against the illegal wiretapping that was happening under the Bush Administration.

These men are heroes and elected to do the right thing to save lives and to protect the American people, but the government was quick to attack, throwing them in jail and ruining their careers. Thanks to the work of some credible journalists, they have been vindicated for the most part, but have not fully recovered. George W. Bush came out publicly and used the terrorist card to rally support against any whistleblower and, amazingly, Barack Obama pushed it further, tightening the grip that the machine had on these true Americans. The only way that these men are not locked up for life is because of the courage of the publications and journalists that have supported them and their cause. As much as the government will talk about protecting soldiers, the concern is not there. As Obama wipes away non-existent tears at tragedies and Bush called everyone that didn’t agree with him a terrorist, there are true Americans that care and this documentary covers them and covers them well.

WAR ON WHISTLEBLOWERS is a powerful documentary and brings forth a genuine problem with the government and those linked to it. It asks the question: What happens when you tell the truth? Well, we find out here and that is why so many are hesitant to go against the large criminal element alive and well in the government today. I highly recommend this movie. Along with providing a captivating documentary, the DVD features 153 minutes of bonus materials.

Rating: 8/10

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