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Six Flags ROLLER COASTER DEATH UPDATE – Ride Closed Down, Lawsuit & More – Amusement Park News

By Geno McGahee

The death of Rosy Esparza at a Six Flags amusement park in Texas is now being investigated by a German roller coaster maker. The chairman of the company, Jim Reid-Anderson has called it a tragic event, but until the investigation is complete, he won’t say much more.

According to witnesses, the bar didn’t click fully for Esparza and the ride was still allowed to go. She would later topple out and fall to her death. There is some focus being put on her weight and the allowance for obese riders, but the blame must fall upon the park for allowing her to ride if that is the case. The Esparza family will be suing and will cash in on this, but this death could have been avoided it seems had the employees not allowed the ride to go when the bar would not click all the way down into position.

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