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Undertaker WRESTLEMANIA 30 OPPONENT Revealed: STING! – Brock Lesnar Steaming Mad – WWE News

By Masked Hernandez

Let me tell you something brother. The Dead Man is ready to put that streak on the line at the biggest show in the business and the big cheese, Vinnie Mac, is sitting down with former WCW champ, Sting. This leaves Brock Lesnar out in the cold brother and the boys in the back are saying that he is crying foul man. He had the match locked in and was ready to be the man to break that streak, but now they bring in the man with the war paint to take that spot.

Sting has often been mentioned as an opponent for the Undertaker and now it may be a reality dude. That match will sell the PPV easily man and the money is calling the Stinger, a man that has never stepped into a WWE ring.

Stay tuned brother….

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