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Red Sox World Series FIXED – Boston Baseball RIGGED Shocker – Game Was a LIE

By Georgie “Justin” Bieber

OMG! I watched that baseball game with those assclowns, the Boston Red Sox, and they won at home to win the World Series. Really? Really? Nice try fellas, but that game was fixed. That is my opinion and I’m entitled to it. YA HEARD!

They were just trying to appease the fans in Boston just like they did here in New York after 9/11. They paid off the other team for this “feel good” feeling. Well, I’m not feeling good! I work at Target and those STUPID Red Sox shirts are flying off the shelves. Sorry, just because you’re team are winners, doesn’t mean that you are. You’re still the fat loser that you’ve always been. Ja-ja…he-he…DANG…YA HEARD! WHO DAT?

Grow beards? Yeah, why don’t you tell your mom to shave her beard downstairs?! It looks like she has Bigfoot in a leg lock! Red Sox won? It’s was rigged. You don’t like what I have to say? Go fuck your mother!

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