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Boston Bombing Marathon Costume SHOCKER: Alicia Ann Lynch Put on Blast and Fired – HALLOWEEN SHOCKER

By Georgie “Justin” Bieber

OMG! Since when is everyone so damn touchy? Alicia Ann Lynch, 22, thought of a costume for Halloween where she had blood splattered on her legs and was wearing a Boston Marathon shirt and now everyone has their panties in a bunch. Really? Really? It’s just a costume people. Build a bridge and get over it and after you’re over it, do me a favor and fuck your mother. Ja-ja…he-he…YA HEARD!

I am all for costumes like this! Have fun people. I hope they start selling them at Target, where I work. I work full time, 11 hours a week, and I’m sick of it. I walk around the store and people say: “Sir, can you tell me where the DVD players are?” Yes, they’re up your mother’s ass. Leave me alone.

So for all of you CLOWNS out there that are giving this poor girl trouble, maybe you should pay more attention to your fat daughters that are squeezing into Miley Cyrus costumes, or your sons that are squeezing into them. Alicia, you have my support 100%! YA HEARD!

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