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Undertaker WRESTLEMANIA OPPONENT – STING: The Dead Man’s Finest Moment – WWE News

By Masked Hernandez

Let me tell you something brother. I was on my Harley man and I was riding up that west coast brother when my phone went ring-a-ding. I pulled to the side of the road and it was my brother in the mask man and he said that the deal is nearly done with Sting taking on the Dead Man and WM 30. I’m waiting for Vinnie Mac to put Sting up in those rafters on one of these RAW shows brother. It’s time to bring back the black bat dude!

Now, I got this email that I wanted to share:

Masked Man,

I’ve been a Masked Maniac since I was 12 years old and watched you live when you came to Arizona. I have dedicated my life to autograph hunting and not looking for a job. I am a huge fan of the Undertaker and plan to rent Wrestlemania 30 with my EBT card. What do you think the Undertaker’s best moment was in his career?

“Masked Maniac” Antonio Martin

Well, brother, that’s a good question man. If I were to pick just one, the one I would pick would have to be his epic battle with Mankind in that Hell in the Cell. When he threw him off the top of the cell and then choke-slammed him through the cage, it brought the reality of this game to the living rooms across the globe brother. Thinking about it now makes me think of my brother in the mask, The Big Apple, that lost his life in Mexico in a similar match. R.I.P. Big Man!

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