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Magomed Abdusalamov: TRAGEDY IN THE RING – The Cost of Courage – Boxing News

By Geno McGahee

A couple of weeks ago, heavyweight hopefuls, Mike Perez, 20-0, 13 KO’s, and Magomed Abdusalamov, 18-1, 18 KO’s, stepped into the ring in an important heavyweight showdown on HBO. With the Klitschko brothers getting up their in years, it’s easy to see the division starting to open up and these were two fighters that were hoping to fill the void.

Over ten rounds, the two fighters fought hard, exchanging shots in brutal fashion. The man with the 100% knockout rate was getting the worse of it, evidenced by his swollen face and various cuts, but he fought on gallantly. The fight was up in the air as the rounds went on and there was a possibility that the game Russian may take it home. In the end, Perez got the nod, but there was still room for Mago in the division. The sport itself would have the last say and tragedy would hit.

Mago would suffer a brain bleed and would put into an induced coma. Things have not gotten better as this courageous fighter now fights for his life. He has suffered a stroke and his family now braces for the worst. The hopes are that he can and will recover so he can be a father to his children and a husband to his wife.

Boxing can be an unforgiving sport and the brutality cannot be underestimated. Many times, the call of “coward” will be screamed, but this situation and others like it put things into perspective. These boxers go in there and they risk everything to entertain the crowds but to also put food on the table. For $40,000, the money that Mago got for the fight, he gambled and lost and will never fight again. I, along with the rest of the boxing world, hold our breath and await some good news as he still remains in the condition he is in.

Stay tuned and RSR expresses its best wishes to the Abdusalamov family during this time.

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