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Xbox One SPYING ON AMERICA – X-RAY TECHNOLOGY Kinect, Microsoft Big Brother Sneaks In – Bill Gates is an Asshat

By Georgie “Justin” Bieber (AKA – Joystick Georgie)

Well, well, well, the truth comes out just like my dad should have forty years ago. Ja-ja..he-he…dang. Bill “Asshat” Gates was giving the government and that assclown wannabe president of ours information and now he wants us to make it easy for them? Really? Really? Nice try fellas… I’m now breaking all of the Xbox Ones at Target, where I work, and blaming the guy that doesn’t speak English…LOL. They carted him away today and locked him up. It’s kind of funny if you think about it. YA HEARD!

The Kinect has this x-ray vision where it can actually see through your clothing and recognize your voice too! And, get this, you need to have it on line at least once a day. Really? Really? Why, so you can hear me making love? I’m one loud mother fucker too…enjoy Bill Gates you pervert twat!

So, DO NOT buy the Xbox One…they want to see your dicks and record what you say. Just look at Bill Gates…he looks like one of those guys from TO CATCH A PREDATOR. Ja-ja…he-he…dang…who dat…YA HEARD!

Now, as many of you know, my daddy is in prison for welfare fraud and he still blames me, but if he just sat there and pretended to be disabled, we’d be set. Fuck him if he is too stupid. BTW, daddy, if you’re reading this…your brother died. I just got the 15 G’s for his life insurance that he left you, but since you are in prison, I had no choice but to take it to the casino and guess what…you lost. Ja-ja…he-he…YA HEARD! I hated Uncle Antonio. He was a chump anyway and probably wanted to suck me off. Dream on you dead fat fuck!

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