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Father Knows Best: Floyd Mayweather SR.’s Rightful Concerns over Manny Pacquiao’s Suspected Steroid Use

By Joe Wilson

It was May 2, 2009, at The MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, where Floyd Mayweather, SR., gained much respect or suspicion of Manny Pacquiao’s hitting power. It came during the devastating knockout of Former Welterweight Champion Ricky Hatton, whom Floyd SR. was training at the time. This fight lasted all but two rounds.

Hatton has always been known for his bully attitude in the ring. He suffered his first loss in a ten round knockout to Welterweight Champion Floyd Mayweather, JR., several months before. Then, “Money Mayweather” retired shortly afterwards. Hatton was seen as a dangerous opponent for any welterweight. He was considered one of the strongest and busiest welterweights fighting.

Most boxing experts thought Hatton’s size and strength could pose a very serious problem for Manny Pacquiao. Boy, were they wrong! Pacquiao stepped in the ring during the opening bell and hit Hatton with some punches he couldn’t even see coming. He had blinding speed. He looked better than ever. Every power punch he threw landed. Hatton came rushing in with his bullying style and Pacquiao made him pay.

Before the end of the first round, Hatton was dropped to the canvas twice, by blinding speed from all angles. In the corner, Floyd, SR., yelled at him for bum rushing with his chin up and hands down. “You’ve got to protect yourself,” said Mayweather. “Don’t go in head first with you hands down,” he yelled. We all know what happened in round two.

I believe it was this fight, that Mayweather, SR., developed his respect or suspicion of Manny Pacquiao. Months before that bout, the Filipino star whipped up on Oscar De La Hoya and made him quit on his stool in round nine. I don’t believe that was that big of a deal. He knew Oscar had seen his better days in the ring. In other words, he was weight drained and washed up.

During that time, he had started to rekindle his relationship with his son. He knew Floyd JR. was planning a come back. There were two, maybe three, opponents that could give Lil’ Floyd some problems. At the time it was Sugar Shane Mosley, Miguel Cotto and Manny Pacquiao. Those three guys were at the top of the sport in those divisions.

He came back out of retirement and beat Juan Manuel Marquez in a one-sided decision on September, 2009. This fight was not even close. He looked better than ever after being off for two years. At that time, Floyd, SR., has joined back with his son and Team Mayweather. They were reunited once again. The Mayweathers were working as a family again, even though the father was working from the sidelines.

The match up that really made Floyd SR., more suspicious was when Manny Pacquiao beat down Miguel Cotto in November, 2009. “No way a little man can come up two weight classes and punish a big guy like Cotto,” said Mayweather. I believe it was this fight that really sealed the deal on the suspicion. No way was he going to let his son get into the ring with a little guy who hits as hard as Pacquiao.

This little guy named “Manny Pacquiao” must be taking something. There is no way this naturally happens. It was Floyd Mayweather SR., who raised that flag of illegal substance taken. He brought lots of attention to this matter, even before Uncle Roger Mayweather, Lil Floyd’s trainer did. I believe everyone watching the Cotto fight was a little surprised to see Cotto get handled so easily.

Negotiations started to rise regarding the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao match up. The subject of illegal substance also surfaced from the Mayweather camp. Floyd SR. was very concerned about his son getting in the ring with Pacquiao after he beat up Miguel Cotto. This could be very dangerous if these allegations are true, Mayweather thought.

What gave these allegations a life of its own was Pacquiao’s refusal to take mandatory drug test to prove that he was clean and legit. His refusal raised questions on the minds of many fight fans, who could not believe that he would let a fight of this magnitude slip through the cracks over the fear of needles. This guy (Pacquiao) already had tattoos on his body, so his excuse was very questionable.

What if Floyd Mayweather SR’s allegations against Manny Pacquiao were true?

This would have been one of the best calls a father could make for any son going into battle on an uneven playing field. If true, he could not only have saved his son’s boxing record, but also prevented him or someone else from getting hurt in the ring. Some experts believe Olympic Style Testing is a good thing, and it also guarantees a level playing field for fighters.

Some believe this type of testing will only bring awareness to the sport and will keep the sport clean. Usually that mentality spills over into other sports as well. I’m not saying that Manny Pacquiao is using PEDS or have ever used before, however, cooperating with the new testing only makes him looks innocent of all allegations and claims against him.

Floyd SR. and his knowledge of boxing have helped his son in many ways. Floyd SR. helped guide his son during his recent victory over Shane Mosley. This fight should have gone down as “Upset of the Year.” My hat goes off to Mosley, because he had also been accused of using illegal substance during the BALCO scandals. But—he has redeemed himself from that bad press by agreeing to the Olympic Style Testing.

There is a mega fight brewing, you know how I know? This time things are quiet… The promoters and the powers that be are doing what they should have done the first time. They are sealing the deal before they speak out! I believe this time both fighters will be in agreement. I do know that Team Mayweather has the upper hand in making this fight happen. And—you can rest assure that Papa Mayweather will have his say, and Lil’ Floyd will be quick to listen.

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