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By Geno McGahee

I learned about Uri Geller relatively recently as I began following the work of Magician, James Randi. Randi had quite the battle with Geller over the years, exposing him as a fake to the world…at least that was the story according to Randi. I had no reason to question the findings and leaned toward the idea that he was a fraud and just in this for the money or fame, but I began to second guess that after I watched him on a PHENOMENON, a show that featured both Geller and “Mind Freak” Criss Angel.

Angel is all about illusion and used the show as an outlet to disprove any psychic power or ability that goes beyond the realm of normal human potential. He presented a 1 million dollar challenge if Geller could tell him what he was hiding in an envelope he was holding and he did just that, although Angel would quickly cut him off before he could specifically call it out. At that point, I considered the idea that Geller may not be the total fraud that the Amazing Randi claimed he was. Perhaps the famous spoon bender had some vision after all.

In THE SECRET LIFE OF URI GELLER by Jonathan Margolis, the amazing and interesting life of Geller is explored. The government’s interest in Geller, which included millions of dollars in testing, is compelling. The different test results where Geller soared, getting results that are allegedly a “million to one” in some cases and a “billion to one” in others, lend more credibility to the idea that psychic phenomena is real and Geller may possess some of that ability. In one test, he was able to call out the number of a die 8 out of 10 times. The two times that he was unable to call it out, he just didn’t answer, stating that he wasn’t sure. So, in actuality, he got 8 out of 8.

American magician, David Blaine, idolized Geller as a child and went to meet him face to face as an adult. As Geller bent a spoon, Blaine looked for the trick. When he placed a spoon in Blaine’s hand and it bent without any effort, it became clear that Geller has something else.

The Amazing Randi may only be half right about the Uri Geller phenomena. It may be fair to say that a great part of his routine is for “the show” of it, while other parts are legitimate. Regardless of where the truth lies, Uri Geller is one of the most fascinating people of all time and has created a great debate. THE SECRET LIFE OF URI GELLER is such a great book and really brought some new things to light about the importance of Geller and how the government looked at him and utilized him.

Believe it or not, Uri Geller has led one of the most interesting lives and continues to impress others with his psychic abilities, illusions, tricks, or whatever other word you want to apply to him. Whatever you choose, Geller will go down in history as a great mystery and this book unlocks some of that and may make you rethink your stance on his ability or lack there of. I highly recommend this.

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