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Manny Pacquiao TAX EVASION, NEXT OPPONENT, Floyd Mayweather JR & MORE – Boxing News

By Vinnie Franklin

Yo, check this out. The US government is throwing that cat under the bus. Manny Pacquiao, 55-5-2, 38 KO’s, is being put against the ropes by the IRS and they want 18 million dollars from the Filipino star. Hey Manny, you shouldn’t have dropped so much at the tables. You gotta pay your taxes you FOOL! YA HEARD!

Now I hear that Slob Arum wants to cash out on Manny and put him against Floyd Mayweather, JR., but not yet. Again, we wait…wait to see Manny get his face bashed in. Timothy Bradley and Yawn Manuel Marquez are being discussed as future opponents. Really? Really? Nice try fella, but we’ve see those fights already and nobody wants to see them again. Go ahead tubby. Put him against Floyd and get it over with. It’s been a minute since we saw Floyd knock somebody out. He’ll flatten Manny.

As I did my daily search of exploitive Manny Pacquiao websites, I checked out MannyLand, AKA – Great Extortions and saw all of the Manny knob-jobbing going on. Really? Really? Hey, get Manny’s balls out of his mouth. He saves those for the ladies of the night that he meets at the casino…YA HEARD! Best of both worlds is what I heard.

Thong, the owner of MannyLand, had a lot to say about the tax problems that Manny has as well as a fight with Floyd. Do it Thong-a-pella!

THE WORLD ACCORDING TO THONG with Thong (Owner of MannyLand)

What is up sluts and fucking bitches? This is Thong and you can’t go wrong when you pay me your hard earned cash all night long. Whew! I’m a poet and I don’t know it. I do know it actually. I’m a fucking good poet. Now, this idiot fool Manny isn’t paying his taxes. This is what happens when you give a pea brain millions. He has that smile on his face where he looks like a slow person. Give that man a helmet!

Karma’s a bitch you dwarf! You didn’t want to give me money or support my site when I dedicated it solely to you? Well, I pay 90 dollars a year to run this site and have to resort to unscrupulous methods to fleece people for money to keep it going and keep me in fur coats baby. I don’t care that they smash the animals in the head with a hammer just for the fur. They’re useless anyway.

That tubby fatso Bob Arum wants Manny to fight Floyd? Well, that will be it for MannyLand. That’s for sure. I may as well start crawling all over Floyd’s jock. Hey Floyd, I will start FloydLand if you endorse it. It will come with benefits!!! I will give you a reach around you slut! Bring that toothless Roger Mayweather with you too. I want a gum job! Peace out bitches.

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