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Batista ROYAL RUMBLE SHOCKER: Randy Orton Targeted & More – WWE NEWS

By Masked Hernandez

Let me tell you something brother. The big man, Batista, has come back home. After trying his luck in the MMA, he has found a safer world in another sort of cage and I’m talking about a hell in the cell dude.

Batista came out on RAW and made it known that he is coming to the Royal Rumble and he is going to kick ass and take names brother. It’s been a long time since he’s thrown down in the blood and the mud and you can bet that he is going to make some serious waves in that ring man. The big man has always been a player and he is no stranger to Randy Orton, the targeted foe either. They used to be partners brother, back when they were trying to be the four horseman man. Times change and they were good friends but better enemies brother.

Stay tuned for the Royal Rumble where Batista will be trying to send the rest of the big boys over the top rope and he’s just the guy that can do it.


Photo of the Unknown Wrestler Who is Calling Out The Rock

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