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Sting – Undertaker WRESTLEMANIA 30 DONE DEAL – WWE Brings Stinger – WWE News

By Masked Hernandez

Let me tell you something brother. The WWE is bringing the Stinger into the WWE ring for the first time to take on the dead man. This dude used to come down from the rafters with a baseball bat in hand man and he is ready to do it again and break that streak of the Undertaker at the biggest show in the industry.

Sting has never stepped foot into a WWE ring man. He ruled WCW and TNA and now is coming do end that big WM streak that the Taker has, but whoever wins, this is an epic match and if Sting stays around, I would like to see him take on others he has never faced like The Rock and Shawn Michaels as well brother.

Vinnie Mac is ready to announce it but there is still some negotiating going on, but it’s small potatoes brother. This is going to happen man and it will sell the event. The fans have been waiting. The Masked Maniacs are ready. Sting, it’s been worth the wait brother.

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