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Will Smith, Marvin Hagler, Boxing: Michael “The Silk” Olajide Looks Back

Exclusive Interview by “Bad” Brad Berkwitt

(Interview conducted in 2007)

I believe I simply had a style that could beat him (Marvin Hagler); it wasn’t about being a better fighter. It was styles.”– Michael “The Silk” Olajide

Being a fan that started following the sport of boxing in 1975, but became addicted to it in the 80’s, I have always enjoyed reaching back to those days to find fighters who defined that era. With that said, I had to reach out to a former top rated middleweight contender, Michael “The Silk” Olajide who is remembered not only for his 80’s hairstyle, but his colorful attire he would wear into the ring.

But don’t let those flashy things fool you. Olajide could fight. Turning professional just six days after Muhammad Ali had his last bout against Trevor Berbick in the Bahamas; Michael would win his professional debut and rack up 23 straight wins on his boxing résumé. However, in his first attempt at a world title (Vacant IBF Middleweight Championship), he was outgunned and lost a decision to former Olympian, Frank Tate over 15 rounds.

“The Silk” would come back after this fight, winning a few against the lighter opposition, but when he stepped up and faced the big boys, he would lose either by decision or knockout. In our interview, Michael talks very frankly about his first love for the sport of boxing, then at times, a detest for its dirty politics. He also addresses a career ending injury, for the most part, when he suffered a Detached Retina in one of his later fights in his career. This is for you 80’s diehard boxing fans. So sit back, and enjoy another RSR exclusive, with a 80’s legend in the sport of boxing.

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