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Philip Seymour Hoffman DEATH HOAX – Breaking News – False Information DEBUNKED

By Geno McGahee

Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, 46, would be found dead from an apparent drug overdose. A long struggle with drug addiction would eventually be lost and the world would lose a talented actor in the process.

Immediately after his death, several websites jumped on the notion that this wasn’t a true death, but a death hoax, which are currently rampant. Sites like RingsideReport.com and a handful of others have attempted to expose all of these death hoaxes for what they are, but it seems that the same sites and people that find joy in spreading death rumors enjoy using the ploy in the opposite way as well. For the record, Hoffman is, in fact, dead.

Another claim was that Hoffman was the victim of a death hoax prior to his actual death, which has also been disproven. As long as there is an internet, there will be those putting out fake news. Thankfully, it’s usually pretty easy to figure out the truth.


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