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Brian’s Boxing and MMA Mailbag (Brock Lesnar Survives Shane Carwin, Manny Pacquiao vs. Everyone)


By Brian Wilbur

Happy Independence Day readers!  On the 4th of July we not only celebrate the independence of the United States of America, but we celebrate the anniversary of the release of “Independence Day” starring Will Smith and Bill Pullman.  What a great movie.

I hope you all enjoyed your extended weekend and hopefully you were able to catch the UFC fight between Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin.  Say what you will about Lesnar being overrated or hating him because he is a jerk, but the guy has a ton of heart.  Shane Carwin had Lesnar in big trouble that opening round after dropping him with an uppercut.  Carwin was in a controlling position on top of Brock, hammering him with fists and elbows.  Not many would have been able to take those shots from a huge hitter like Carwin.  You have to give respect to Brock Lesnar for having the courage, desire, and never-say-die mentality needed to survive that first round.  Lesnar survived, got Carwin on the ground in the second round and the rest is history. 

Prior to the fight I broke down the fight saying that Carwin had a good shot with his stand up game.  He is one of the hardest strikers in the history of MMA so he had a really good shot at tagging Brock standing up.  I also said that if Lesnar was able to avoid those punches and get the fight on the ground that the fight would be over.  Turns out I was right on both fronts!  Who would have thought that both outcomes in my breakdown would have come true?  Carwin, as big and powerful as he is (and he is a beast), looks uncoordinated and lost on the ground. 

Next up I think Brock Lesnar should accept a challenge from Cain Velasquez next.  Velasquez has certainly deserved a shot at the champ with his wins over Cheick Kongo and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira.  Though Velasquez is not as big or strong as Carwin, he is more complete, well-rounded, and I think, a better fighter overall.  As for Carwin, he should get back in the ring against a top ranked opponent immediately to earn his rematch. 

In the bag this week I take one question regarding MMA heavyweights.  I also offer my prediction on a couple potential Manny Pacquiao fights, discuss Floyd Mayweather, and at the end I tackle two of the strangest emails I’ve ever received.  You don’t want to miss those ladies and gents. 

Mayweather and Pacquiao vs. Paul Williams

Hi Brian!

Who would you favor if the following takes place?

1. Manny Pacquiao vs. Paul Williams
2. Floyd Mayweather vs. Paul Williams

Thanks and more power!



Paul Williams is a unique and intriguing fighter because of his physical frame.  His height and reach are freakish for his weight class.  He also knows how to use his jab and fights tall despite throwing a lot of punches and being offensive minded.  The best way to beat Williams is to use his aggression against him and counter punch.  Don’t try to get inside on Paul, let Paul close the distance himself with his sometimes reckless attacks.  The ones who have made him pay and given Williams trouble are the ones who have successfully done that. 
Though I believe that Manny Pacquiao is an outstanding counter puncher, and pound for pound, would destroy Paul Williams, I would go with Paul Williams here.  Pacquiao would be giving up an astounding 7 inches in height, 15 inches in reach, and about 10 to 15 pounds in weight.  As much as I admire the skills and talents of Pacquiao, that is too much for a fighter to overcome. 
Floyd Mayweather would be at a disadvantage in all of those physical dimensional categories too, but not by nearly as much as Pacquiao.  Williams’ sheer volume of punches and stamina would trouble Floyd, but Mayweather’s sharp, accurate counter punches have the potential to rock Williams.  The Punisher is not a particularly good defender and if you leave yourself open against Floyd he will crack you.  Mayweather wins, probably by decision. 

Fedor Emelianenko vs. Cain Velasquez


I have a prediction for you: Carwin by KO on July 3rd!

The fight for me right now should be Fedor vs. Cain Velasquez, who reminds me of an incomplete version of Fedor.  I think it’s the better heavyweight match up style wise than a Fedor vs Lesnar – what say you?



You were very close with your prediction!  Carwin nearly had him. 

I’d love to see Fedor vs. Cain Velazquez, however I think Fedor has some unfinished business with Werdum I’d like to see more.  I’d love to see all of the best Strikeforce fighters go up against the best that the UFC has to offer.  Unfortunately we are not likely to see these fights due to politics and money.  Just for fun, I see a mythical match up between Fedor and Velazquez as a determined battle.  Fedor has looked vulnerable recently, of course with his loss to Werdum, but even before that he had not looked as dominant as he previously had during his Pride years.  A young, prime Velazquez has a very good shot at beating today’s possibly-past-his-prime version of Fedor. 

The UFC won’t go outside of its own contracted fighters though.  The best of Strikeforce with Fedor Emelianenko, Alistair Overeem, Fabricio Werdum, Brett Rogers, and others, are just as good if not better than the best UFC heavyweights.  Both are loaded with talent.  The UFC has some budding young talent between Velazquez and Junior dos Santos so Lesnar has his hands full right now even without having to go outside of the company. 

My Pacquiao vs. Mayweather Prediction (Again)

Hi Brian!  It was my first time to read your articles and I really liked your way of unbiased thinking.  In your honest opinion, who would prevail between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd “Money” Mayweather when they finally clash and why?  How do you see the fight playing out?



Thanks for the comments about my column.  I’m glad you liked it and hope you continue to read and send in emails. 

I am a big Manny Pacquiao proponent when talking about his merits and accomplishments compared to Floyd Mayweather.  I always put Pacquiao first when doing pound for pound lists or doing all time great lists.  However, that is a completely different issue than asking who would win if they fought each other. 

This fight could really go either way because they give each other problems stylistically.  I’m not going to cop out and predict a draw though because that would be lame. 

Someone is going to take control of the fight and dictate the pace.  I think that person is going to be Floyd Mayweather because of his defensive prowess in always knowing where to be, his ability to nullify almost any offense, and his ability to adapt midway through a bout. 
I have seen Pacquiao frustrated by a jab and movement before against Erik Morales.  I know Manny has improved dramatically since then, but he will be stepping up against an entirely different level of defense in Mayweather.  Floyd is also stepping up to a new level and has struggled against aggressive and skilled boxers too, which makes this fight so tough to predict, but I will stick to my gut instinct and pick Mayweather by a close decision.
That is, if the fight happens!  I’m not overly optimistic that it will.  If it doesn’t happen, Mayweather’s legacy is hurt more than Pacquiao’s.  If they both retired today, Pacquiao would be considered the “greater” boxer due to his superior resume. 

Deranged Wrestling Fan Chimes In

What is next from RSR?  The Earthquake is coming back from the grave to fight Hercules in a true death match?  Maybe an “inside source” has Coco-B-Ware coming back to fight Ravishing Rick Rude.

Six months ago we hear about an “inside source” saying a Tyson comeback is a done deal.  That sure shriveled up and went away like Geno’s (censored) after a lap dance.

Now we hear Pac and Floyd is a “done deal” from another “inside source”.  This isn’t Watergate.  You can say who your “source” is.  Or does he go by the code name deep throat?

I have two theories.  One is that Sgt. Slaughter just makes up these “inside sources”.  Kind of like throwing a large turd against the wall and hoping it sticks.  Maybe, just maybe he would get lucky and Manny vs. Floyd would sign very soon so he can take credit for breaking the story.

Theory two is that the inside source for the Tyson story is “crocodile” who is likely homeless and has no contact with Tyson anymore.  The inside source for the Mayweather story is none other than that homeless dude who cleans the Wildcard gym.

Wilbur Dilbur don’t pull any punches brother.  I know what kind of shady journalism is going on over at your office.  You should use an inside source to break the story about the inside sources for the breaking stories being false.  Wouldn’t that be a wild ride?

Oh, and by the way I have been working on a new move just for you.  I can’t tell you too much, but just picture me and you being partners in a reverse chicken fighting competition.  I am on your shoulders of course, with a vice grip on your head with my thunderous thighs.

-Captain Cucumber


I won’t comment too much on your email because it pretty much speaks for itself, but I will say that you did make me smile.  And have faith in my bosses.  An inside source tells me that the inside sources know people who have legitimate inside sources.  Follow?

Weirdest Email I’ve Ever Received (and That’s Saying Something)

Brian, my name is Lady Wilburga.  You don’t know this, but your DNA and Lady Gaga’s DNA were meshed to make me, a hybrid called “Lady Wilburga,” and I too am a boxing fan.  Here is a question for you.

Is Chavez JR. for real?  Would you consider a bad romance with him?  Can he win the middleweight title?  Is his dad still the cutest guy you’ve ever seen?

Thanks doll,

Lady Wilburga

Lady Wilburga,

WTF?  That is the most ridiculous bullshit I’ve ever heard.  You must have found a new drug that trumps crack. 

About your question, no I don’t think that Julio Cesar Chavez JR. is for real.  He is a matched so perfectly and carefully to make him look good; better than he really is.  Perhaps if the extremely careful matchmaking continues he will be able to win a meaningless alphabet soup belt along the way, but he will never become the legitimate Ring Magazine or undisputed Middleweight Champion. 

I will give Chavez credit though in saying that he is better than some other “Juniors” in boxing, such as Hector Camacho Jr. for example.  JCC Jr. is not horrible, but he gets way more attention than he deserves because of his name.  I see him maxing out as a top 10 contender or gate keeper level boxer. 

I end on that note.  Please send in your feedback, emails, and questions to be answered in next week’s mailbag.  Thanks all and take care!

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