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Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Nancy Sinatra, Grammy’s, Singing & Acting: Jack Jones Reflects Back

Exclusive Interview by Geno McGahee

(Interview conducted in 2008)

“Little films that are beautiful and satiric pop up once in a while, but there are special theaters for that now, but now everything has to be megastar, mega action, or mega shock.”—Jack Jones

In 1978 a horror movie was released called “The Comeback.” It was a slasher film that terrified the audiences before Jason Voorhees picked up his machete and before Freddy Krueger invaded the dreams of teenagers. This is a classic film that did not get the proper attention that it deserved and still many “die hard” horror fans have never heard of it.

The star of this movie was an actor named Jack Jones, but this horror film was just the tip of the iceberg in a career full of television, music, and stage success. He had some big shoes to fill as he followed in the footsteps of his famous father, Allan Jones, and was able to gain his own identity and following.

A career in music seemed like a forgone conclusion considering his father’s success. Jack would be pleasantly surprised when high school friend, Nancy Sinatra had her father, Frank Sinatra, perform at the school auditorium. It was a moment that would be very important to a young musician with big dreams. Those big dreams would stick with Jones as he worked as a gas attendant while continuing his journey to become a star.

Jones would be awarded with two Grammy’s for Best Pop Male Performance with his two hits “Lollipops and Roses” and “Wives and Lovers.” His talent would be recognized by Frank Sinatra who called him “one of the major singers of our time,” and Mel Torme commented that Jack is “the greatest pure singer in the world.” On top of those accolades, a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame would be awarded to Jones in 1989.

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