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Randy Orton – Batista WWE Wrestlemania 30 WAR, Elimination Chamber Results & More – WWE News

By Masked Hernandez

Let me tell you something brother. The WWE dropped the ball again for the second pay per screw in a row brother. The Royal Rumble was a fumble man and last Sunday’s Elimination Chamber PPV was a bore with Randy Orton walking out with the gold, cementing the match that nobody wants to see against Batista. Batista couldn’t give his matches away man, but the WWE brings him in because he’s big. He may be big brother, but charisma has passed him by man. Randy Orton isn’t a barnburner either dude and this match is a throw away match. If it’s the main event man, expect people to shut it off before it ends. Who cares man?

As expected, Kane interfered and cost Daniel Bryan the title. Why does the WWE have to be so predictable man? If any rich dude comes out and wants to compete and beat Vince at this point, they can man. They are in worse shape than they were when WCW was kicking their ass in the Monday Night Wars dude and they have lost their edge. Look for Wrestlemania 30 to be another PPV where the fans walk away disappointed brother.

Alien photo from the late Abraham Diaz Smith’s 1962 abduction

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