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Undertaker – Brock Lesnar Wrestlemania 30 MATCH: Sting Update & More – WWE News

By Masked Hernandez

I can’t believe my eyes brother. I was hanging and banging in the blood and the mud man and now the picture is crystal clear that Sting’s agreement with the WWE could not make it over that last hurdle dude. I still think that Brock Lesnar is a back up man and Sting may still be the opponent but as the clock is ticking, Vinnie Mac had to make his move. So, he dusted off the former UFC champ and rekindled that feud as quick as he could man and now here we are dude.

Lesnar signed the contract brother for the Wrestlemania showdown man and the Dead Man sold it. He stabbed Brock in the hand with the pen and then choke-slammed him all the way to hell brother. The Lesnar- Undertaker Wrestlemania match is a good sell man, but not anywhere near what Sting would bring dude.

I keep wondering what Sting is waiting for man. Vinnie Mac is ready to pay for his services, the fans want it, and his legacy needs it brother. Sting, the call is out brother. Answer it.

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