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Daniel Bryan – Triple H WRESTLEMANIA 30 SHOCKER – Kane, Monday Night Raw Results & More – WWE News

By Masked Hernandez

I knew this would happen brother. Triple H cannot stand being out of the limelight man and has intruded when the real stars come out to play. He did it with Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Rock, he did it with CM Punk, and now he sees where Daniel Bryan is going man and is setting up a Wrestlemania showdown with him. Triple H, get a clue brother. You’re a curtain jerker with the boss’s daughter as your only way in man. Let the real boys take care of business man.

Bryan deserved the title at the Elimination Chamber man, but the continued bad decisions by the creative team of the WWE have kept the strap on Randy Orton. Orton may have the in-ring tactics down dude, but he can’t sell it to the fans. Batista should be renamed “Boretista” for his inability to get the attention of the willing people out there in the audience man. Don’t be surprised if Vinnie Mac knocks on the Rock’s door for some salvation. Save me Rock! My PPVs are not selling!

I hope that Daniel Bryan doesn’t get too frustrated like CM Punk did brother. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are the two names that will push the industry forward but Vinnie Mac and his son-in-law and their not so creative team can’t give this stuff away. This Wrestlemania is shaping up to be a dud brother.

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