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Undertaker – Brock Lesnar – Sting WRESTLEMANIA 30 SHOCKER: Major Update & WWE News

By Masked Hernandez

The dead man is knocking brother and Brock Lesnar is ready to answer man and these two men are no strangers either. Truth is stranger than fiction dude and when Lesnar felt the pain in the UFC cage, the Undertaker was there to challenge him to a shoot match. It was all over a woman brother and now they must put their differences aside to step into the Wrestlemania 30 ring. They’re professionals man, but there is bad blood.

Where is Sting man? What is taking so long to seal the deal to a long term contract man? What is Vinnie Mac waiting for? The demand is higher than ever and the fans want to see the Stinger come into the WWE. Lesnar is good man, but he doesn’t fill the shoes of the former WCW kingpin man.

Lesnar wants that undefeated streak, but don’t bank on it dude. The Undertaker has one or two big shows left and that streak will go to launch another superstar. It’s the circle of life brother. Lesnar doesn’t need the push man and the Dead Man may not want to give him the honor after their bad blood.

Sting may still appear at WM 30, but it may be a “surprise” showing man. I would not be shocked if we see him in the rafters man because, make no mistake, they are dressing him up like the Crow again and with Hogan back in the WWE, a future feud between the two long time rivals is sure to happen. Stay tuned dude…

Undertaker vs. Lesnar at WM 30. Who wins?

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