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Daniel Bryan – Triple H Wrestlemania 30 SHOCKER: RAW Preview & Spoilers: WWE News

By Masked Hernandez

Let me tell you something brother. Triple H and “The Authority” are trying to ride on the coattails of the charismatic “Yes” man, Daniel Bryan, leading into a Wrestlemania 30 showdown dude. Tonight on RAW, we should see these two butt heads again and with a main event title shot on the line, Bryan needs to win man and he should. Randy Orton and Batista couldn’t pay people to watch their bore-fest man. I would rather watch Bastion Booger sit on Typhoon’s face man.

The man that has called himself “the Game” always involves himself with the popular superstars brother and thinks that it makes him one. Game over brother. You couldn’t carry the jock of a guy like Bryan man. Look for some more wasted time on RAW where HHH comes out to bore the crowd man. That’s a good time to get up and get a drink. This guy is bad behind the scenes, but worse in front of the camera brother.

Daniel Bryan will once again be there tonight and will once again energize the audience. The man is charisma brother and he is a much needed element in the WWE. Without him and CM Punk, I would expect to see the Rock back in action. They are running out of options brother.

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