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John Cena WWE Wrestlemania 30 PLANS: Andre the Giant Battle Royal, Hulk Hogan & More – WWE News

By Masked Hernandez

Let me tell you something brother. John Cena will be at Wrestlemania 30 and in action man. I remember that night in NYC when SD Jones came to me and said: “Masked man, I don’t know if I can go out there and take on King Kong Bundy tonight. I don’t feel right.” I told him “brother, you gotta go out there and kick his backside and watch out for that avalanche brother.” Well, he didn’t watch out for the avalanche man.

With Hulk “He’s my Beefcake” Hogan announcing this battle royal, the masked maniacs are wondering just who the participants will be. The Big Show is a certainty man. Remember when WCW tried to sell him as Andre’s son? Nice try brother, but Andre drank so much that his tag team partner below didn’t ever tag in man. The man knew how to shove a thumb up your backside in the ring like he did to my friend, Tony Atlas, but other than that, the man thought sex was a foreign object dude.

Cena’s loyalty to Vinnie Mac and the WWE has not gone unnoticed. That explains those MARINE movies that bomb but they keep on making and 12 ROUNDS. Hey Cena, I got bored after one round brother. Cena is the real deal though dude and he will be part of the battle royal, injured or not, and he may just take it home. I wonder if they will say he’s Andre’s son too dude.

Expect more from Hogan tonight, unless he’s busy with his “Booty Man”, Brutus Beefcake. Get a room brother.

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