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Randy Orton – Batista WRESTLEMANIA 30 SHOCKER: Daniel Bryan, Triple H & More – WWE News

By Masked Hernandez

Let me tell you something brother. The apple fell far from the tree dude. Cowboy Bob Orton was a star man and his son can’t bring in the people and Vinnie Mac knows it. So, what does Triple H do? He knows that if he adds himself to the card, he will stink up the joint even more. Remember what the masked maniacs did when he defeated Goldberg in the elimination chamber? It was a riot brother. So, he brings in Daniel Bryan. They should tag up Batista and Orton and name them “Cure for Insomnia” and let the real showstoppers take the stage man. I got one thing to say about that main event: ZZZZZZZ.

The Wrestlemania 30 card is mediocre at best brother. Without real competition and the Stephanie and her girlfriend, Triple H, running the show, the event is sinking like the Titanic dude. There used to be a time when Wrestlemania meant something, but not anymore. This is just a pay per screw like the last three man. At this point, I would recommend taking that 50 or 60 bucks and throwing it in a jar rather than throwing it away on this card man.

Orton-Bore-Tista is a crap match brother and I don’t care who they add to it. It still won’t matter. Vinnie Mac, get your head in the game brother. The WWE is ripe for the picking if a real ambitious group comes along.

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