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Undertaker – Sting – Brock Lesnar WRESTLEMANIA 30 UPDATE – Paul Heyman, Streak & More – WWE News

By Masked Hernandez

With WM 30 right around the corner brother, the masked maniacs aren’t biting. Vinnie Mac is trying everything, including dusting off the Hulkster, but we all know what we were waiting for and that wasn’t Brock Lesnar. We want the Stinger dude and we have to settle for this match, which would have been OK man if the card was good. This card is about as bad and uninteresting as it gets man. Where’s the drama brother?

Since Sting couldn’t agree to terms, they put Lesnar into the slot to take on the Undertaker, but the streak will stay intact. My brother in the mask has said that the dead man insisted that he not lose to Lesnar due to the bad blood man and he will choose the man that will end his streak. That was the only way that this match was going to happen dude.

The arrival of the former WCW champion is still expected but they will have to keep him on ice until after the big show is done. It is too bad brother. It would have been nice to see the Stinger in the ring again, as long as he keeps that religious mumbo jumbo to himself brother. I remember him backstage as Nitro when he came up to me man and said: “Masked Man, let me tell you about Jesus.” Well, he told me about it from a hospital bed after I landed the weapon of masked destruction.

So, Undertaker – Lesnar…does that get any of you masked maniacs excited?

Are you excited about Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker at WM 30?

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