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Triple H – Daniel Bryan WRESTLEMANIA 30 SHOCKER: Booker T, RVD, Goldberg & More – WWE News

By Masked Hernandez

Let me tell you something brother. The worst thing that has ever happened to this business was when Triple H married into the McMahon family. If it had competition, the WWE would sink like the Titanic brother, and to see that idiot talk about his many conquests made me and the masked maniacs sick. Triple H, you buried a lot of good stars man just because you’re burying your manhood in the boss’s daughter dude.

HHH showed some video of the people he’s beaten man and it included RVD, Booker T and Goldberg…three actual wrestlers with charisma man. Triple H can only make it in this business through his relationship with Stephanie and that’s fact jack. Otherwise, he’d be a curtain jerker, taking the fall to the Ultimate Warrior in ten seconds. It’s where he belongs man, but when his wife and he are calling the shots, he can even beat Goldberg. You’re a low down slime brother.

Well, as the dude went on and on about his victories, which were defeats for the business itself, out came two of his boyfriends in Randy Orton, who was preparing for a match with his WM 30 opponent, Bore-Tista. They can’t sell that match man and that is why they are bringing Daniel Bryan into it. Otherwise, the masked maniacs would reject it and they have brother.

HHH, you are “The Lame” and you need to back away from the business man because one day, it will come back to bite you. The WWE has bombed at the last five pay per screws and they are destined to do it again at Wrestlemania, which is why they are giving it away for free to the WWE channel subscribers. How pathetic brother.

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