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Undertaker – Brock Lesnar WRESTLEMANIA 30 SPOILER, Sting, RVD & PREDICTIONS – Breaking WWE News

By Masked Hernandez

Let me tell you something brother. Tonight is the night when the dead man puts that 21-0 record on the line against the next big thing, Brock Lesnar in a battle with destiny dude. You can feel the ground tremble and shake with the feeling of fury and when the bell rings, nobody will make it out alive, except for one.

All of the masked maniacs want to know who is going to win the Undertaker – Lesnar match. Well, brother, the dead man is going to go 22-0 tonight and expect the Stinger to make his presence known. According to the brothers backstage, Sting is in the area and the former WCW main man is going to bring the fire that only the Bladerunners could. Road Warrior rip off? I don’t think so brother. They were their own thing man.

As for the battle royal tonight with Andre the Giant in mind man, all the signs are pointing to the Big Show to take home the win, but RVD is coming back and you can expect his return to include an over the top victory tonight dude.

John Cena will take out Bray Wyatt man, but expect a good shot. Wyatt is the real deal dude and he could surprise Cena, but the WWE owes John a win and he didn’t get the showcase he wanted at this year’s WM. Triple H…you responsible for that brother?

Triple H and Daniel Bryan …as much as I want Bryan to win brother, expect something strange man. I think we are going to see a draw man and then both will be injected into the Batista-Orton title match. In the four way, let’s hope they do the right thing man and give that title strap to Daniel Bryan, which is this masked man’s prediction.

I look for Ryback and Curtis Axel to take home the tag team straps tonight in the three way with the USOs and the Real Americans. AJ Lee will retain the Diva’s title in the invitational man. Look for Kane and the New Age Outlaws to prevail against the Shield.

Stay tuned brother….it’s Wrestlemania man.

What match are you looking forward to tonight?

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