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By Geno McGahee

In a major upset, the feather-fisted and gusty warrior, Chris Algieri, 20-0, 8 KO’s, was dropped twice in the first round but came back to outbox and take a split decision over heavy favorite, Ruslan Provodnikov, 23-3, 16 KO’s, by scores of 114-112 (twice) and 109-117. In the first round, a left hook dropped Algieri and left his right eye nearly swollen shut immediately. He was down shortly after from a right hand. The question began: How long will this fight last? That’s when things began to change.

Movement and straight shots landed on Provodnikov’s chin with regularity and he just could not find the mark. He kept following Algieri and eating shots without landing his own shots. It wasn’t affective aggression but the end fight result was one of question as evidence by the split decision scores. Depending on what the judges were basing their scorecards on, it dictated who won the fight. The harder puncher versus the volume puncher. There was no question that Provodnikov was a bigger puncher, but, in the end, Algieri’s activity was the difference.

The HBO commentary were still attached to the jock of Provodnikov, noting the bad decision, but this was far from one. Algieri can now move on to another big opportunity and it’s back to the drawing board for Provodnikov.

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