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Geno’s Boxing Corner: The Manny Pacquiao – Antonio Margarito Sham

By Geno McGahee

Fan-Boy Journalism & the Making of a Super Fraud

There have been many journalists coming forward in protest of this fraud that is coming our way in November. Manny Pacquiao is in preparation for his high profile showdown with the hands of plaster, Antonio Margarito. Although the journalists are mostly against this fight, and rightfully so, you do find those actually for it or going with the “we can’t stop it, so why fight it” mentality. We may not be able to stop this from happening but if nobody rents it, then we will prevent the next and send a big message to the crooks running this show.

I was sent an article on a website that obviously is not too selective with their writers. The big problems with Internet journalism are the Internet journalists, or what passes for them. This one article from a “writer” so tightly attached to the back side of Manny Pacquiao wrote an article praising the Filipino fighter and approved of the Pay Per View.

I read the article and was thoroughly disgusted. Am I the only one that notices that most of these people that claim to be journalists are not impartial at all? This article was not from an isolated journalist. There are a lot of them out there.

What most call “fan-boys” write Pacquiao article after Pacquiao article, over and over and over again, and never anything negative. The subject is a popular one and merits coverage, but if you are just there to say that you have a crush on the “PacMan,” you should probably write that in your diary and not a so-called boxing or news website.

The boxing community should unite to fight this pay per view and Pacquiao’s decision to face a known cheater, but there are those out there that have a financial interest in the fight going forward, the Manny Pacquiao blind followers that will support him no matter what, the writers that want Manny to give them a thumbs up and the conditional love from the blind followers of the Filipino fighter, and the uninformed.

I assume that the PPV will make money because those Latin Fury PPVs are selling and this fight is much bigger than those and with the promotion pushing it, you have to imagine that it will make money and that is why Pacquiao is fighting and that is why Bob Arum is making it happen. And who can forget about Texas giving Margarito the right to fight. Money, money, money…that is what this fight is all about, and a guy that loads his gloves is going to laugh all the way to the bank. Protest it.

Lights Out at UFC 118

After 15 seconds, former middleweight, super middleweight, and cruiserweight champion, James Toney was on his back and done for the night. He wasn’t able to do anything…but it wasn’t a surprise. He walked around the ring nonchalantly and confidently but Randy Couture easily took Toney off of his feet and to the floor. He mounted him and began pounding him with punches. Couture began choking him out and eventually got him to submit. So much for those saying Toney was too tough to submit.

People made a big deal about the 237 pounds that Toney weighed in at, but he could have came in at 500 pounds and it wouldn’t have made much of a difference. He didn’t have the tools to compete with a guy like Randy Couture and realistically, he wouldn’t fair well against anyone with average MMA skills. He is a boxer, plain and simple and they do not do well in the world of the MMA.

After the fight, Toney stated that he just got caught and would be back, but I sincerely doubt it. The UFC may put him back in there to get him to submit after 3 minutes again, but much like boxing, his marketability is long gone already with the UFC. Does anyone really think that he is going to be able to do anything positive inside the cage? He’s too old and not experienced enough with mixed martial arts to win fights.

Toney is a tough guy and was a great boxer, but that doesn’t translate into mixed martial arts success. It’s like saying: “He’s great at tennis, so he will dominate baseball.” They both involve instruments to hit balls, but they are vastly different. The same thing with boxing and the MMA…two different games all together.

Mikkel Kessler Out of the Super Six

The super middleweight Super Six Tournament on Showtime has suffered a blow with the drop out of one time favorite, Mikkel Kessler. Many are calling for Lucian Bute to take the spot, but he will most likely wait for the winner and continue fighting outside of it.

Kessler was set to face Allan Green next and now Green will be slated to fight a new opponent. No opponent has been named yet, but there are rumored negotiations going on with numerous replacements. It will be interesting to see what fighter takes the open spot.

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