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Alistair Overeem: Brock Lesnar DESTRUCTION, STEROIDS & A LAWSUIT

By Vinnie Franklin

Alistair Overeem is the #1 Contender for the UFC Heavyweight Title. His big win over Brock Lesnar in the very first round has made him “the man,” even though the guy doesn’t have that title around his waist at the moment. Brock Lesnar ran his course and now the new king is here.

Overeem is not a choir boy with some steroid allegations and some evidence that his rise from 175 to the monster of a man he is now was all natural.

So the guy is ready to take the crown, is at the peak of his popularity, but not all is roses for the Reem. His highly publicized war with former training camp Golden Glory is still a thorn in his side.

The Reem is tired of Golden Glory going to the press. To the credit of the fighter, he has remained relatively silent on the matter, but his former training camp has sought out anyone with a tape recorder and a website. They think they got robbed.

I have met Alistair Overeem on multiple occasions. I have broke bread with the man, and let me say that the guy is aces. He just needs to be more careful who he surrounds himself with. Keep it real Reem!

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