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Manny Pacquiao Vs Floyd Mayweather JR Coming Soon: Thank Timothy Bradley & the Judges – BOXING NEWS

By Geno McGahee

Floyd Mayweather, JR., sits in a cell, but it may not be for long. He has requested to be placed under house arrest…a terrible punishment if it goes through. I can think of nothing worse than sitting in a mansion for a little under three months. With the power and money of Floyd, it will not be surprising if this is granted.

The boxing world is still reeling from the Timothy Bradley victory last Saturday over Manny Pacquiao. Some have called it the worst decision in boxing history and it seems to be the general agreement among fans and sportswriters alike that the wrong guy won. Bradley didn’t appear to do enough to get the nod, but Manny was not a house of fire either. There is evidence of diminished skills and reflexes. He is not the fighter that he once was.

In the city of sin, Bradley came away with a split decision victory, but there is a possible investigation into the verdict. Realistically, this is boxing and it is subjective. Manny appeared to have done more, but many rounds were close and competitive. The way that people are talking, you would think that Pacquiao scored knockdowns in every round. As a matter of fact, he barely moved Bradley. At 147, Manny is not a big puncher.

Pacquiao now has a defeat on his record and he has two options that are compelling. He can try to right a supposed wrong by facing Bradley in a rematch or he can put money aside and take on Floyd with the hopes of beating him, thus erasing this blemish on his record. This is the most attractive option.

Mayweather, JR., will get what he wants. He will get Pacquiao at a reduced price and the interest will still be there. Most don’t think that he lost to Bradley, so we are back at square one, but the loss is there and a loss is a loss. It’s enough to convince Manny to wheel and deal with Floyd and be more accepting of the layout that is placed in front of him.

At this point, Manny’s back is against the wall. He needs something. I am not convinced that he will beat Bradley in a rematch. The style was bad for him, it was an ugly fight, and if Bradley has two good ankles, who knows what will happen. Floyd is older and fights sporadically. It would be a good match for both men and this loss makes that fight even more interesting.

Pacquiao would train harder than ever before, looking for redemption and validation. If Pacquiao should beat Floyd, the tables would turn and Floyd would have to take short money in a rematch. There is plenty to win for Manny, Bob Arum, and most importantly, the fans. So, let’s forget a Bradley rematch. There is no need for it. The money is still with “Money” Mayweather. If the two sides can now sit down and iron it out, it is still the biggest draw in boxing. They can play the “ripped off” storyline as well, bringing sympathy to Pacquiao…a man that needs it. After his anti-gay comments, infidelity rumors, and gambling problems, good press is a good thing for him. The Mayweather fight could solve all of his problems, if he and Arum are willing to take the lesser money. With the defeat, he is going to have to swallow his pride and take it.

Bradley or Mayweather JR is the two choices, outside of retirement, that Pacquiao has. Let’s hope that we see him in there next with the man that will most likely be going home to serve house arrest for the rest of his sentence.

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