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Face Eating Cannibal UPDATE – What’s Left of the Victim – SHOCKING & SAD NEWS

By Geno McGahee

It was a disturbing scene as a man ate the flesh off the face of another man in Miami. The ‘face eating cannibal’ was naked and growling, gnawing on the flesh like an animal when the police opened fire and killed him. Drugs (Bath Salts) were blamed for his behavior, but whatever the cause, the victim, Ronald Poppo, 65, will never be the same.

Poppo suffered devastating injuries to nearly half of his face and is temporarily blind due to the incident. Most of his nose is missing and the surgeries in the future will be many. He may be lucky to have survived this attack, but he will never have a normal life.

Dr. Nicholas Namias came forward and noted that “He’s (Poppo) had quite a bit of surgery.” The motive for the attack is still unknown and Poppo hasn’t said much and may not be in condition to. This is one of the most shocking incidents in US history and will not be soon forgotten.

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