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Casey Anthony SUICIDE – Breaking Tot Mom News – Nancy Grace, Caylee, George Anthony & More!

By Geno McGahee

New evidence has just surfaced that has shocked much of the public. Jose Baez, the lawyer for the “Tot Mom” Casey Anthony, has many revelations in his book: “Presumed Guilty, Casey Anthony: The Inside Story,” and the newest sensational secret that he has revealed has to do with some internet searches.

The father of Casey, George Anthony, has been the target of much of the defense’s venom. The blame was shifted entirely over to him in the trial, claiming that he found young Caylee dead and tried to cover up the crime after she accidentally drowned and then that he sexually molested Casey. Now this book contends that there were searches for suicidal methods and that they were evidence of guilt by George.

The Casey Anthony trial hit nearly every home in the country and the emotions ran hot. It became the most popular case in court history, surpassing the OJ Simpson murder trial and the Menendez brothers double murder trial. The idea of a mother murdering her daughter to live a carefree life hit home with many. Nancy Grace, a popular court TV show host, covered the case and found Casey guilty from the start and the masses of people that followed her show jumped aboard. Casey did herself no favors with her behavior, which was very odd and deceptive. She lied to police and went on a shopping spree while her daughter lay dead in the woods near her house. She came off as very cold and selfish, but the chinks in the armor of the entire family were brought onto display and that is why Casey is a free woman.

George Anthony, a former cop, was very detached and reportedly tried to kill himself on one occasion. He has disowned his daughter after she dragged his name through the mud, but there are still plenty that lean towards the idea that Casey was the victim of a sexual predator father and that she was mixed up from it and didn’t react normally to her daughter’s death and cover up because she wasn’t normal. Her father screwed her up. The other side of the argument feeds into Casey the liar, a murderer that showed her selfishness again when she accused her father of molestation to save her own skin, even though it wasn’t true.

The book by Baez should be a big seller and the reader will have to decide what they believe in the end. Casey Anthony is still generating interest and will continue to do so for some time to come.

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